The James Madison Museum operates under THE JAMES MADISON MEMORIAL FOUNDATION, a charitable and educational corporation  as specified in a Memorandum of Gift dated Dec. 31,1974 and executed between Mr. & Mrs. Jacquelin E. Taylor and the Orange County Bicentennial Commission.  The initial Board of Directors consisted of William H. B. Thomas, Henry C. Dejarnette, A. Russell Barbee, Robert C. Edwards, Kathleen Burruss (Mrs. Alfred) and Joseph E. Morse (ex officio).

The Museum is dedicated to preserving the rich heritage of Orange and promoting the contributions of the “Father of the Constitution,” James Madison. Madison exhibits deal with the life and times of both James and Dolley and detail the important contributions to the American political system of this amazing couple.  Madison artifacts highlight the museum’s main exhibit room and include furnishings, correspondence and personal items; select pieces of Madisonia.

While deceptively small in structural appearance, the museum houses a large and diverse collection of artifacts.  Most visitors express their delighted surprise as they move from room to room and eventually discover the large Agricultural Hall.   The museum has an active educational/cultural outreach program and hosts (free) lectures and kid’s activities with the Boys and Girls Club of Orange, school field trips and lessons with local homeschooling groups.

After enjoying the exhibits, visitors can enjoy our Gift Shop with its books, White House Christmas ornaments, candles, documents and many other mementos of their visit are available.