About the Museum

The James Madison Museum operates under THE JAMES MADISON MEMORIAL FOUNDATION, a charitable and educational corporation  as specified in a Memorandum of Gift dated Dec. 31,1974 and executed between Mr. & Mrs. Jacquelin E. Taylor and the Orange County Bicentennial Commission.  The initial Board of Directors consisted of William H. B. Thomas, Henry C. Dejarnette, A. Russell Barbee, Robert C. Edwards, Kathleen Burruss (Mrs. Alfred) and Joseph E. Morse (ex officio).

The Mission of the James Madison Museum is to serve the community by collecting and preserving the artifacts and cultural heritage of 18th, 19th and 20th century rural Virginia; and promoting an awareness and appreciation of the lives and achievements of James Madison and others who made a unique contribution to the region.

While deceptively small in structural appearance, the museum houses a large and diverse collection of artifacts.  Most visitors express their delighted surprise as they move from room to room and eventually discover the large Agricultural Hall.   The museum has an active educational/cultural outreach program and hosts (free) lectures and programs for our local school children.


 Executive Committee

 Ms. Jayne Blair, President

Ms. Emmie Woody, Vice President

Ms. Sally O’Brien, Treasurer

Mr. Joseph DiMaria, III, Secretary

 Mrs. Cathy Barcas

Ms. Joan Bergstsrom

Dr. Dena Jennings

Mr. Donald Jennings

Ms. Karen Lovitt

Ms. Aniko Pasztory

Dr. Angela R. Stiltner

Advisory Board

 Ms. Margaret Johnston

Ms. Lee Langston-Harrison

Mr. Lee Wouters